23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant

Your Developing Baby-
• When you’re 23 weeks pregnant, the average baby weight at this stage is about 1.1 pound (500gm) and the length is 11.4 inches (29cm) long.
• Bones located in the middle ear harden. Your baby is able to hear better.
• The eyes are formed, but the iris still lacks pigmentation.
• The pancreas, essential in the production of hormones, is developing steadily when you’re 23 weeks pregnant. He has begun producing insulin, important for the breakdown of sugars.
• If born now, after 23 weeks of pregnancy, your baby has a 15% chance of survival, his odds going up with each passing day.
• Your baby’s daily workout routine includes moving the muscles in the fingers, toes, arms, and legs regularly. As a result, you may feel more forceful movements.

Your Changing Body-
23 Weeks pregnant -Sign and Symptoms
• Swollen ankles and feet (it’s totally normal, but call your doc if it’s extreme or sudden)
• Braxton Hicks contractions. Be sure to drink plenty of water and change positions frequently to stay comfortable.
• Backache.
• Bleeding and/or swollen gums, when you brush your teeth.
• You may feel clumsy now that your centre of gravity has shifted.
• Your belly button, once an ‘innie’, may now stick out. It’ll revert to its pre-baby state soon after you give birth.

As you come closer to your due date, the more trouble you may have while sleeping. Anxiety, frequent urination, heartburn, leg cramps, and general discomfort can translate into a short night’s sleep for a pregnant woman.

Make sure you are sleeping in side-lying position only, you may turn from left side-lying to right or vice versa. But not on your back or stomach, so that blood flow to the placenta is not restricted. If you find this uncomfortable, try placing a pillow between your knees to relieve the pressure of your weight while lying on your side.

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