24 weeks pregnant

24 weeks pregnant

Your Developing Baby-
• When you’re 24 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs 1.3 pounds (600gm) and is 11.8 inches (30cm) long.
• Taste buds begin to form.
• Little creases have appeared on his palms.
• Over the next week, the sweat glands will be forming in the skin.
• When you’re 24 weeks pregnant, his lungs are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” and cells that produce surfactant, a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily.
• This week your baby is officially considered viable.
• The inner ear is now completely developed — which controls balance in the body, your baby may be able to tell when he or she is upside down or right side up while floating and making movements in the amniotic fluid.

Your Changing Body-

When you’re 24 weeks pregnant, you OB/Gyn may ask you to undergo a Glucose Tolerance Test, to check if you’re at risk for gestational diabetes. Many moms-to-be may suffer from gestational diabetes. It’s a temporary type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and can cause problems in the newborn, such as low blood sugar.

24 Weeks pregnant – Sign and Symptoms
• Swollen ankles and feet. Be sure to elevate them while you’re sitting.
• Leg cramps and Backaches.
• Those movements and kicks you’ve been feeling. They seem to get stronger every week.
• Linea nigra. That’s the dark line that runs up the center of your belly. It will fade after the baby’s born.
• You may be noticing stretch marks on your belly, hips and breasts, which may continue to appear as your skin stretches even more.

After you’ve given birth, the reddish or brown pigmentation in the stretch marks gradually fades, and the streaks become lighter than the surrounding skin.

Also, your eyes may be light-sensitive and may feel dry. This is a perfectly normal pregnancy niggle known as dry eye syndrome. Try to rest your eyes as much as possible, and keep them clean with cotton wool and warm water.

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