36 weeks pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

Your Developing Baby-
• When you’re 36 weeks pregnant, your baby’s average size is now 18.66 inches (47.4cm) and 5.78 pounds (2622 g).
• Fat accumulations continue in all over the body of your baby.
• At 36 weeks pregnant, your baby is almost ready and most likely, so are you! The only organ still to mature is the    lungs.
• This week your baby may drop into the birth canal, if he hasn’t already. While breathing for mom becomes easier,  walking may be the exact opposite.
• Fat accumulations continue in all over the body of your baby.
• The bones that make up your baby’s skull can move relative to one another and overlap each other while your    baby’s head is inside your pelvis. This phenomenon is called molding, and it helps the baby pass through the birth  canal.
• Your baby is still gaining weight – about 28g to 30g a day.

Your Changing Body-
The good news is that by the end of this week, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day. Babies between 37 weeks and 42 weeks are considered full-term. A baby born before 37 weeks is premature and after 42 weeks is post-term.

36 Weeks Pregnant- Sign and Symptoms
• Better ability to breathe. Baby might soon descend into your pelvis, giving your lungs some extra space.
• You may begin to feel an increased pressure in your lower belly and notice that your baby is gradually dropping.      This is called lightening or engagement.
• Your appetite may return because the baby is no longer putting as much pressure on your stomach and intestines.
• Walking may become increasingly uncomfortable
• Difficulty in sleeping.
• More heartburn and ankle-and-foot swelling.

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