38 weeks pregnant

38 weeks pregnant

Your Developing Baby-
• When you’re 38 weeks pregnant,the baby’s average size is 6.8 pounds (3083gm) in weights and is 19.7 inches  (50cm) in length.
• Your child’s intestines are full of meconium, when you’re 38 weeks pregnant. Meconium is the dark green    substance forming the first feces of a newborn infant.
• Now, he may have a full head of hair – Color may differ.
• Circumference of head and abdomen are about the same size for your baby.
• Your baby’s organ systems are fully developed and in place, but his lungs will be the last to reach maturity.
• Even after your baby is born, it may take a few hours before he establishes a normal breathing pattern.
• Fat is still accumulating, although growth is slower now. You may notice that your weight gain has decreased or  ceased.

Your Changing Body-
Be ready for labor. This is the high time, your due date is on 40th week, but be ready for any emergency. You should know the signs of labor, including contractions that come on stronger, at more regular intervals, and the “bloody show.” It could happen any day now or it might not be for a few weeks. Until then, try to relax.

38 Weeks pregnant- Sign and Symptoms
• Lightning sensation. As baby bumps against the nerves in your pelvis, you might feel shooting sensations down  your legs and even inside your vagina.
• You’re probably still having Braxton Hicks contractions, difficulty sleeping, vaginal discharge, an itchy belly and  swollen feet and ankles.
•Because your baby is engaged in your pelvis, your bladder is extremely compressed, making frequent bathroom  trips a necessity.
• You might have had a slightly bloody, mucus discharge, known as bloody show. This is an early sign of labor.
• You might also have some diarrhea, which could also mean the baby is coming soon.

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